【Public lecture】Sec Talk 2021 in Fukuoka



=Learn the latest security threats and countermeasures=

We will introduce recent cyber threats and their countermeasures to beginners to intermediate users and to the general public in an easy-to-understand manner. Experts will explain in an easy-to-understand manner the specific cyber damage, what you need to know about it, the countermeasures as an organization, and the introduction of tools for countermeasures.


Event overview

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 13: 00-17: 00

Held online only

No entry fee

way to participate


This year’s event is over.

Due to the influence of Corona, it was the first time to go online.

There were 90 attendees.

Thank you for your participation.


Program & Contents

Currently, the content of the lecture is being adjusted.

We will update the information as soon as it is decided.

13:00-13:10 Opening greetings
13:10-13:50 Current status and countermeasures for cybercrime.

Fukuoka Prefectural Police
Suetsugu Sohei
13:50-14:30 Cyber security from the perspective of carriers

QTnet Co., Ltd.
Tetsuya Egawa
14:30-15:10 New way of working and security
~ Telework risk management ~

Yahoo Japan Corporation
Naoko Mizuma
15:10-15:30 ≪ break ≫
15:30-16:10 IPA’s 10 Great Threats and Changes in Corona Corona

NTT Data Advanced Technology Co., Ltd.
Yunori Uekusa
16:10-16:50 Topics related to security for university students

Kyushu University
Koji Okamura
16:50-17:00 Closing remarks



What is Sekyu Talk?


Cyber Security Month

 Many cybersecurity problems that affect people’s lives, such as increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and large-scale leaks of personal information, have been reported.In order for everyone to enjoy the benefits of information and communication technology (IT) with peace of mind, it is necessary for each and every citizen to raise their interest in cyber security and address these issues.For this reason, the government has designated February 1st to March 18th as “Cybersecurity Month” in order to promote efforts for cybersecurity in a focused and effective manner.During the period, we will intensively carry out dissemination and enlightenment activities related to cyber security in cooperation with various enlightenment bodies as well as government agencies.

(Excerpt from the Cabinet Cyber Security Center (NISC) homepage)

In conjunction with the above “Cyber Security Month”, this center is holding a citizen-participation-type “Sekyu Talk” event.



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