【Cooperation】Cyber Security Workshop In Fukuoka 2016

“Cyber Security Workshop in Fukuoka 2016” will be held on August 3, 2016.
Please refer to the link below for programs and application methods.

【Cyber Security Workshop In Fukuoka 2016】http://itslab.inf.kyushu-u.ac.jp/CyberSecurityWS2016/


Date and time Wednesday, August 3, 2016   13:00~17:30
Place Kyushu University Nishijin Plaza
〒814-0002      2-16-23 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka
Organizer ASIA-JCIS 2016(formerly the WIS)
Cooperation Sybersecurity Center of Kyushu University
YOKOHAMA National University
National Institute of Information and Communications
Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT)


13:30~13:35 1. Greetings from the chairman
13:35~14:05 2. Cabinet Secretariat

Mr. Satoshi Murakami 「NISC Cyber Security Strategy」

14:05~14:35 3. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Assistant Manager, Information Security Countermeasures Office

Mr. Tomoyuki Nishiura 「Introduction of cyber security measures by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications」

14:35~15:05 4. Oripara Organizing Committee

Mr. Yohei Oyama 「Cyber security for 2020 Oripara」

15:05~15:30 Coffee break
15:30~16:00 5. LAC Co., Ltd.

Mr. Toshiaki Miki 「Current status and future issues of cyber security operation」

16:00~16:45 6.YOKOHAMA National University

Dr. Katsunari Yoshioka 「Current status and future challenges of IoT security」

16:45~17:30 7. National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

Mr. Takahiro Kasama 「Current status and future challenges of cyber security research」

16:45~17:30 Social gathering・Opinion exchange meeting