【Open Lecture】JMOOC「An introduction to cutting-edge cybersecurity for individuals and organizations」★Reopening course★

The online course of “Introduction to Cutting-edge Cybersecurity for Individuals and Organizations” will start on January 10th 2018 on “JMOOC”, an online lectures distribution service.

There are 15 lectures in this course, and it will provide the basic knowledge for cybersecurity, which the learners need to understand in the process of growing up in the cybersecurity.

Whoever can take the class in an internet environment.
In addition, if you earned enough total points to pass the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion.

# This course is a revival, so its contents is the same one conducted in 2015.

Course Introduction to Cutting-edge Cybersecurity for Individuals and Organizations
Professor Koji OKAMURA (Cybersecurity Center, Kyushu University / Director)
Classes Start January 10th, 2018
Classes Period February 7th, 2018  03:00 p.m.
Estimated Effort 2 hours/week
Course Length 3 weeks
URL https://open.netlearning.co.jp/lecture/index.aspx?cid=00015J12

In addition, We will hold the flipped classroom on February 17th for learners who took this course.
Please refer to the link below for details.

【Kyushu Univ. & Kyorin Univ. flipped classroom of “Introduction to Cutting-edge Cybersecurity for Individuals and Organizations”】https://open.netlearning.co.jp/info/20171214.aspx