【Open Lecture】Sec Talk 2017 in Fukuoka

We will hold a cyber security social gathering for the general public “Sekyu Talk 2017 in Fukuoka” on Sunday, 19th of March.

This time, we welcomed experts from various fields under the four themes of 1) copyright, 2) information ethics and law, 3) correct use of wireless LAN and SNS, and 4) cybercrime countermeasures, and the current state of cybersecurity and daily life.

I will give a lecture on what you should be careful about in your life.

The outline of the event is as follows.

Event overview

Title Sec Talk  2017 in Fukuoka ~Learn about cybersecurity, from law to crime control!~
Day February 19, 2017 (Sun) 13:00~17:00(Reception:12:30~)
Place SEIBU Regional Community Center
Organizer Sybercecurity Center of Kyushu University
Participation fee Free
Participation target Free。(Capacity 50 people)
way to participate For information on how to apply for participation, please visit this page.


Program overview

Title / Lecturer Lecture content
13:00-13:05  Opening remarks
Kouji Okamura (Kyushu University)
13:05-13:55  Learn the basics of not infringing copyright when using SNS etc.
Yoshihiro Okada (Kyushu University)

If published on the Internet, the electronic content can be easily obtained and duplicated.   Also, you can easily reuse it in your own work or upload it to SNS etc.  However, in many cases it is piracy.  Even if the electronic content is published, without the permission of the copyright holder of the electronic content, it is not possible to make a copy without permission and use it in your own work, or upload it to a server and publish it.can not.

In this way, you may unintentionally infringe copyright.   To prevent this from happening, acquire a basic knowledge of copyright.

14:00-14:50  How to teach information ethics in the future cyber society
Kouji Okamura (Kyushu University)

The use of smartphones and SNS is convenient and fun, but the spread is not well-educated and troubles are beginning to occur.  At universities, long ago, when the use of the Internet began, we actively started information ethics education, but it is difficult to provide similar education in today’s cyberspace.

Let’s all think about how users should learn information ethics in such a situation.

14:55-15:10  Break
15:10-16:00  The correct way to scare the internet
Kazuhiro Hara(Fujitsu Limited)

New technologies such as smartphones, SNS, wireless LAN, and IoT that are premised on being connected to the Internet are appearing one after another.    All technologies make life convenient, but I think many people are using them with vague anxiety.    In this lecture, what are the necessary measures through the case of familiar smartphones so that new technologies can be used effectively while being properly scared of the Internet?

Why is it necessary to take measures? I will explain.

16:00-16:50  Current status and countermeasures for cybercrime
Hiroshi Kenkou (Fukuoka Prefectural Police)

Cybercrime is now a familiar crime. In order not to be victim of crime, it is important to “know” cybercrime first, so this time we will explain the outline and techniques of cybercrime.

16:50-17:00  Closed