2th 【Cyber​​security from the perspective of the company】Collaboration Yahoo! JAPAN

I continued to visit last year.

Last year’s tour

Fiscal 2019 (Summer semester)

Cybersecurity from the perspective of companies


▶ Period

August 28 (Wed)-August 31 (Sat), 2019

▶ Visit

Yahoo! Japan Corporation


▶ participant


12 students from summer semester students participated

◆ Schedule ◆

■ August 28 (Wed)

12:20        Depart from Fukuoka Airport(ANA252)

14:10      Arrival at Haneda Airport

Hotel stay

■ August 29 (Thu)

10:00      Visit first day

13:00        lunch

18:00     Dissolution

                 Hotel stay

■ August 30 (Fri)

10:00     Visit 2nd day

13:00        lunch

18:00     Exchange party

Dissolution               Hotel stay

■ August 31 (Sat)

15:45       Depart from Haneda Airport(ANA261)

17:35       Arrival at Fukuoka Airport


Student feedback

※This is an excerpt from those submitted as a “Summary Report” for this tour.

Voices from the workplace engaged in security measures
  1. During the training, I was able to hear about the security countermeasures held in the company and the departments that were actually implementing security measures, and heard the opinions of the field.
  2. It was a valuable experience because I was able to experience what cybercrime is happening in the world.


Marvel at the new environment
  1. There was a novelty and variety that exceeded the image, and the image of a company within me was renewed.First, to the extent that I think the “working environment” is really a company, unlike the office I had imagined, I felt that employees were really considered to be easy to work.I thought it would be nice to be able to change the environment in the company, such as a lawn area or a massage chair. In addition, I felt that the way to increase the encounters between employees by intentionally changing the conductors even when the desks were arranged was devised from a design standpoint.In addition, I thought that the place where the wall was a white board was an environment where various ideas were born.
  2. What I was particularly surprised and admired was that Yahoo Japan Corporation had a free work plan, created a comfortable working environment, and was actively working on CSR and SDGs.


Encounter with the unknown
  1. These four days were full of unknown encounters. I had never been to Tokyo in the first place, and even if I went there, I had never looked around the city, so it was just a fresh experience. I learned a few things from that, but what really felt strong was the size of Tokyo. I thought that Tokyo was just a few steps larger than Fukuoka. It was a big mistake. The number of people, the height of the building, as well as the type of facilities, the development of the transportation network, and the aggressiveness of university students, I saw Tokyo far beyond my imagination. I felt that there was a big difference compared to Fukuoka. I felt a sense of crisis that I could do things in Tokyo that I could not experience if I lived here. If they do not act actively, they will be left behind.  I want to do things that I can do without losing.
  2. It was nice to have an experience that I rarely have. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.


Returning profits to society
  1. It was a very interesting story for me that “Yahoo! Japan” Corporation has established a system that can return its profits and strengths to the real world through various activities. Based on the concept of CSR / SDGs, we are actively engaged in activities that contribute to the welfare of developing countries and the improvement of education in Japan in cooperation with non-profit corporations. It is said that it is. I think this is also an attempt to “increase the types of approaches”. The result of pioneering a new path for “growth” in an attempt to grow the content by listening to the voice of customers, Yahoo! Isn’t this a completely new attempt to return profits?


Aiming to be able to grow through life
  1. The topic of security was the subject, but there were also talks about social contribution and marketing, and it was two days that I learned variously as hints for learning at the university, regardless of affiliation and future course. Throughout the lecture, I felt the importance of not only acquiring knowledge and skills, but also acquiring the ability to make accurate judgments according to the situation and to work according to individual needs. In addition, I was able to learn about social responsibility for large corporations and employees who work there by seeing social contributions. I want to find ideas that will make more people happy, not just the interests of the organization I belong to while at university. We also received a lot of advice on job hunting, so I would like to practice it. I knew a lot about not only among university students but also about the human figures that were regarded as important after entering society. I want to be a good person.
  2. I felt a little concern for employees in the office. I participated for the first time, but it was a very different impression from the company I had drawn because the employees were in plain clothes. ​It was a precious experience that I was able to listen to the stories of many people including the participants this time and spread their views.


Involved with the contents of psychology
  1. Taking the company tour as an opportunity, we have taken up the perspectives of the attacking crackers, the defensive SOC, and CSIRT, and have examined the current state of attack and defense. As a result, the attackers tend to aim for “human psychological weaknesses”, and the defenders are focusing on minimizing damage. However, the response to the vulnerability of “human psychological weakness” could not be taken up. This is where psychological content comes into play. In the future, I would like to examine measures to overcome the “human psychological weakness” in the Internet society, including the field of psychology.


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