【Cyber security from the perspective of the company】 Yahoo! JAPAN

At Kyushu University, we take lectures on security education from undergraduate first grade. We agree with that initiative and have been part of Yahoo employees as a lecturer from the fall of 2016.
After that, we will continue to improve with further collaboration.

(※We are cooperating as a cooperating company of enPiT 2)


Student visit to” Yahoo! Japan”


And this year, students who took a summer lecture invited participation and 6 people visited the company at the following schedule.

◇◆◇ Schedule ◇◆◇

  • 8/29日(水)  Moving day
  • 8/30日(木)  ”Yahoo!JAPAN” office tour, round-table talks etc
  • 8/31日(金)  Data marketing, security measures, programming etc.
  • 9/  1日(土)       Moving day

Student impression

Internet diversity

 Even in the fields where we heard stories in the two-day tour, there were eight fields of communication technology research, corporate security, collaboration with state-of-the-art technology, auction, data marketing, user security, programming, and animation. I think there are many more fields than I can imagine. Although it may be possible because of diversity, on the other hand, I thought it would be a tool that could confuse society if I misuse it。

What was impressive

 Because I was interested in marketing, “Yahoo!JAPAN” It was very interesting to hear stories about marketing. “Yahoo!JAPAN” was touched by the enormous amount of big data, not only generating profits but also realizing social contribution by solving problems.
Moreover, there were various contents such as GYAO and disaster drill and it was very enjoyable.
At the last opinion exchange meeting, I was able to talk to many “Yahoo!JAPAN” employees and I was happy because I was able to exchange opinions with Drone.

About Hardening

Based on the aim of “competing for sales of services while responding to various cyber attacks,” I thought that it was revolutionary that there was an opportunity inside the company to re-recognize the importance of security practically. There are clauses in the head which understand the importance of security, but in fact employees do not place much emphasis on it, so it is true that how security is important by changing such consciousness “Yahoo!JAPAN”, providing a place to understand, felt that follow-up and education for employees was profound. It was impressive that Yahoo is doing that ordinary companies can not easily experience employees.


In the Yahoo’s Corporate Blog, I talk about the tie-up with the Cyber Security Center of Kyushu University, the future of security measures looking towards the 2020s, and the situation of the visit to the company this time.

The blog of “Yahoo!JAPAN”