Outline explanation

 In June 2016, “Fujitsu Specialist Training Research Division” which is the donation section of Fujitsu Ltd. was established at Kyushu University Cyber Security Center.

 In recent years, computers and the Internet have been used in various fields and play a major role in the development of humanity.    At the same time, computers and the Internet are misused, and various security incidents such as important data leakage and remote control are occurring frequently.   Against this backdrop, it is becoming necessary to train cyber security human resources who can safely and securely operate the organization’s computers and the Internet.

  The main purpose of this donation section is to help companies and universities cooperate in fostering cyber security human resources.



Fiscal Year 2017:

  • Cyber security basic theory
  • Security engineering exercises(Network / server version)
  • Security engineering exercises(Digital Forensics Edition)
  • Security engineering exercises(IoT Security)

Fiscal Year 2016:

  • Security engineering exercises
  • enPiT exercise (trial)


Results announcement, etc.

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