NSF-JST SICORP Smart & Connected Communities Project

Title Bridging the Digital Gap and Identifying Cross Cultural Pathways for Adoption of IoT Technologies to Support Super Aging Societies in the U.S. and Japan
Research Leader in Japan OKAMURA Koji

Kyushu University・Cybersecurity Center

Research Leader in the U.S. Anupam Joshi

University of Maryland・Baltimore County
Oros Family Professor

Issue outline

In this research, social science and engineering researchers and community leaders work together to understand the situation (digital gap) of “avoidance of new ICT technology” and “difficulty in learning” that elderly people have. Hold discussion workshops in Japan and the United States. Based on the knowledge obtained there, we aim to sort out the issues that the research team should solve and to formulate a specific R & D plan for them.

2/25-27 The first workshop