Workshop on 5G & IoT Security on 10th Sep, 2018

Venue: 001, SIT Building, IIT Delhi on 10th Sep, 2018

We have had 2 Days Workshops on this business trip in India. First day, it was 5G & IoT Workshop and second is the 6th International Workshop on Cyber security. Not only Corabollated University, but the speakers of famous Indian company with a proven track record were joined and discussed for 5G and IoT for now and in the future. It led to productive discussion for eash other. After this workshop, we have had our meeting for SICORP PROJECT at the same building. The next International Workshop has been decided to be hold in Kyushu University, Japan on March 2019.


Time 10th September 2018 @001, SIT Building, IIT Delhi
09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:45 Technical Talk 1 Hermant Kumar Rath, TCS

Cognitive Network Control for 5G

10:45-11:15 Technical Talk 2 Karl Steiner, UMBC

Under Attack –Research & Education for the Age of Cybersecurity

11:15-11:45 TEA
11:45-12:30 Technical Talk 3 Kanwar Jit Singh, Tejas Network

A Technologist’s Viewpoint

12:30-13:15 Technical Talk 4 Debu Naik, Huawei
13:15-14:15 LUNCH
14:15-15:00 Technical Talk 5 Anupam Joshi, UMBC
15:00-15:30 Technical Talk 6 Masahiro Fujita, Tokyo University

Architecting Intelligent Dependable Cyber Physical System Targeting IoT and Mobile Big Data Analysis

15:45-16:15 Technical Talk 7 Ryan Robucci
16:15-16:30 TEA
16:30-17:30 Panel Discussion

Panelist: Huzur Saran, Koji Okamura, Sitaram Chamarty, Ravi V Prasad

17:30-17:35 Closing Remarks

Sanjiva Prasad, IITD