At Jun. 20, 2018, JST and the University of Tokyo held a joint research workshop on the adoption of India ICT projects at Kyushu University. It was a very meaningful discussion in further advancing future research.


About the possibility of setting theme for joint research of 3 subjects
– From the point of view of Prof. Fujita and Prof. Ninomiya subjects collaboration in Tokyo University for the Security in the Internet of Things Space of Prof. Okamura subject in Kyushu University-


Prof. Honkura
Prof.Okamura PI

Discusion Ⅰ

Kenji Hisazumi WP1
Secure embedded system for IoT
Koji Inoue

Takatsugu ono

IoT Processor system of Security Oriented Low Energy Consumption
Kosuke Kaneko WP4
Secure IoT Application
Koich Sakurai WP3
Secure IoT Space Cloud
11:30-13:00 Lunch

Discussion Ⅱ

”Prof.Okamura subject”

Yoshihiro Okada WP5
IoT special education by Threat information
Koji Okamura WP6
IoT Specialist Training Education by using Cyber exercise equipment

Common subjects Ⅰ

”Strengthen promotion of industry-university collaboration and social implementation”

ⅰ)Advice by Prof.Honkura
ⅱ)Information provision by executive director Mr.Aoki

  • Latest trend in India(JETRO start-up・Hub opened
  • Program、Activity status of Nikkei Incubator in India ANEW Holdings
  • )How to use Indian side public startup support system by DST program\

ⅲ)Opinion and Information Exchange by PI

  • How to collaborate in Adopted 3 subjects PI for Mutual enlightenment

Common subjects Ⅱ 

”Human resources exchange / human resource development”

Guidance of JST Sakura science project by executive director Mr.Aoki 、Opinion and Information Exchange by PI