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WP3: Cloud Security for IoT

Research Group:
IITD: Sanjiva Prasad, Anupam Joshi, Kolin Paul

Kyushu Univ.: Kouichi SAKURAI, Yaokai FENG, Danilo Vasconcellos VARGAS, JIA WEI SU

Through data encryption, machine and deep learning, we aim at safety cloud for IoT space. Also,WP6 tries to analyze the threats of specialized malware for IoT and apply deep learning to a secure cloud environment. Especially measures for unknown pattern of attacks is the most important issue of cyber security and we tackle it defiantly.


Aug.21-25 Activities

Accommodation:Main Guest House (Sakurai & Feng), Faculty Guest House (Su) @IITD

Schedule for IITD visit:

Prof. Feng and Su arrived at IITD on night, Aug.20,2017
Prof. Sakurai arrived at IITD on night, Aug.23,2017
All left Delhi on evening, Aug.26, 2017.

Aug.21 Greetings from Prof.Bose and Prof.Prasad at IITD
Meeting about future schedule with prof.Prasad
Aug.22,23 Research exchange with Prof.Prasad, Prof.Bose and his students on the next research in IoT security field
Research of IoT authentication system, protocol design, Research of physical layer security and research of Secure-IOT protocol
Aug.24 Discussion with Assis. Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi on the application of machine learning in the IoT security field
Discussion on network analysis with Assis.Prof. Sayan Ranu
Aug.25 Join dinner party with Prof.Bose, Prof.Prasad and Assis.Prof.Smruti Ranjan Sarangi of IITD and exchanged opinions for lecture of information theory


Prof. Bose is doing a reversing lesson like self-study beforehand and review it in a lecture.

One of students of Prof.Prasad hasjust been to study in North America for half a year with Fulbright scholarship.

Research Results:
1)Prof. Prasad of IITD has introduced us that one of the authors for machine learning journal, Resource-efficient Machine Learning in 2 KB RAM for the Internet of Things, that WP6 member, Student Su is researching for IoT environment, is the CSE in IIT-Delhi. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have a chance to meet but looking forward to seeing at next visit or on TV discussion, soon.

Upcoming schedule:

International workshop on Cybersecurity will be held on Jan., 2018 to research exchange with IITD and others.We will continue to contact by email an TV discussion.