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WP6: Specialist education

Research Group:

IITD: Ranjan Bose

Kyushu Univ.: Koji Okamura, Alaa Mohammed Attia Alakany,
PhD student (D1)Phomkeona Sanouphab, (M1)Ariel Rodrigues

WP5 makes cyber exercise equipment owned by our cyber security center possible to practice and do exercises for the operationalization in this IoT space system. Also, we devoted to research and develop technology for adopting newly discovered threats as educational materials immediately.


Oct.10-12, 2017 IITD visit – Activities

Oct.10 Discussion regarding WP5 activities with prof. Bose for e-learning contents created by using basic data which is currently proceeding.

Discussion with prof. Prasad regarding the security research currently being conducted at Kyushu University from the viewpoint of computer science.

After Listening to Prof.Bose’s doctoral research presentation and teaching instruction.

Oct.11 Discussion on more concrete methods for WP5 activities with prof. Bose and his students

After Listening to Ismi’s reseach presentation, who was reseaching at Kyusyu University on Jul. 2017, and discuss about its progress, with assis.prof.Sarangi.

Technical exchange of ideas with assis.prof.Sharma.

Oct.12 Join the prof.Bose intensive lecture, and prof.Okamura gave a lecture which is followed after Professor Byrav of the University (University of Nebraska, USA)

Discussion regarding educational methods on WP4 with prof.Prasad, prof.Okamura and prof.Okada.