The Cyber Security Center has been promoting cyber security education and research in collaboration with various organizations in Japan and overseas.

As part of that, we co-sponsor and sponsor various events and actively participate in the business.

List of support


The day Event Type External site
▶ 1st Kyushu Cyber Security Symposium
3/12(Fri)-28(Sun) 1st Kyushu Cyber Security Symposium


Originating from Kyushu! -Aiming for a security community rooted in the community-

in preparation



The day Event Type External site
12/9(Wed) – 11(Fri) University ICT Promotion Council 2020 annual meeting Co-sponsored 2019AXIES


The day Event Type External site
12/12(Thu) – 14(Sat) University ICT Promotion Council 2019 annual meeting Co-sponsored in preparation


10/26(Sat) JNSA SECCON for Beginners Co-sponsored in preparation


9/7(Sat) - 8(San) Security Mini Camp in Fukuoka


  • Excavated rough ore from among young people centered on university, vocational school, high school in Kyushu region, 2020
  • In addition to expecting growth as a human resource for information security in Japan, which is said to be critically lacking, aiming to create a new information security community centered on young people in the Kyushu region.
Co-sponsored in preparation


5/16(Thu) Cyber Security Fukuoka Scrum Reiwa_Year


  • Held for the purpose of deepening information sharing / coordination about cyber security between period / group in prefecture to plan prevention of damage to cyber space threat and expansion.
Sponsorship Sponsored
Fukuoka prefectural police
5/16(Thu) – 17(Fri) JSPS 163rd Committee on Internet Technology ITRC meet45


  • PC planning session: Current status and expectations of security and network technology education
  • Medical Information Network Cooperation Working Group (MINX)
  • Inter-regional Intercloud Working Group (RICC) .etc
4/27(Sat) 9th Industry-academia information security human resource development exchange meeting


  • The aim is to provide a place where companies interested in internships can interact with companies that are considering acceptance of internships, and to eliminate concerns related to long-term internships.
3/22(Fri) Kyushu Cyber Security Symposium (pre-event)


  • With industrial cyber security becoming increasingly important, local companies, experts, IT vendors, etc. will all be together to hold a symposium in Kyushu aimed at deepening awareness of issues and discussions.
3/2(Sat) – 3(San) Security Mini Camp in Fukuoka 2019


  • Positioned as a place to find and develop advanced IT personnel, it is highly aware of IT centering on information security, and for young participants who can be excellent IT personnel in the future, Japan will in order to be a human resource contributing to safety and security regarding the IT society, technical goals and motivations for acquiring high technology to realize the IT society centered on information security, and a safe and reliable IT society. The aim is to give the right knowledge that contributes to progress.


日   程 イベント名 種別 外部サイト
11/28(Wed) – 29(Thu) 7th Cyber Security International Symposium Sponsorship
10/29(Mon) – 30(Tue) CODE BLUE 2018 Sponsorship
11/1(Thu) – 2(Fri) CODE BLUE 2018
3/28(Tue) – 30(Fri) 6th Cyber Security International Symposium Sponsorship


日   程 イベント名 種別 外部サイト
11/7(Tue) – 10(Fri) CODE BLUE 2017 Sponsorship
10/5(Thu) – 6(Fri) Cyber3 Conference Tokyo 2017 Sponsorship
6/15(Thu) – 16(Fri) CFI2017 Co-sponsored


日   程 イベント名 種別 外部サイト
12/2(Fri) Information security seminar Co-sponsored
10/20(Thu) – 21(Fri) CODE BLUE 2016 Cooperation
9/16(Fri) – 19(Mon) Security Camp Kyushu in Fukuoka 2016 Sponsored
8/3(Wed) Cyber Security Workshop In Fukuoka 2016 Cooperation 国際会議ASIA-JCIS 2016実行委員会


日   程 イベント名 種別 外部サイト
10/28(Wed) – 29(San) CODE BLUE 2015 Sponsorship
8/28(Fri) – 30(San) Security Camp Kyushu in Fukuoka 2015 Sponsored