SecTalk2019 in Fukuoka

Venue Ito Campus(Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Center of Japan )

From “Kyudai-gakkentoshi”Station to “Ito Campus”

Left back of "Kyushu University" intersection

Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Center of Japan

Everyone who used the bus

九州大学線(学研都市駅⇔伊都キャンパス)時刻表 学研都市駅バス停乗場の案内

Kyushu University Big Orange Bus Stop

For  car users

300 yen is required for admission.

At the guard station, follow the prescribed procedure.
In addition, taxis can enter as it is.

For “Subway airport line”users

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Via JR Chikuhi Line Subway Airport Line→【Meinohama Station】Get off
transfer JR Chikuhi Line→【Kyudai-gakkenntoshi】Get off → Showa Bus