Kyushu University-IITD Online Workshop2020 was held.

Kyushu University and Indian Institute of Technology have had an ONLINE Secure Iot Space WORKSHOP on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020.
We had online style due to COVID-19, but with two great keynote speakers who were joined from Fujitsu Laboratories of America and Imperial College London, we were able to have a lively and wonderful exchange of opinions with 11 presenters and 60 participants.


Workshop Program

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We introduce the state of Online workshop below.


Koji OKAMURA (Workshop Chair.)


This SICORP Project was started in 2016, which is sponsered at “JST” and “DST”. Our project goal is “Secure Society5.0とDX – Digital Transformation”.
It was in the society 4.0 when we started this project but now we are in and aimed for society 5.0. As you know “DX” for SDGs is very important especially in recent Japan, and also security and privacy are the key points for most of technologies.
We focus on making society 5.0 secure, especially “IoT” but it does not work itself. The data processing needs human eventually. IoT needs kind of big cloud server system which can record huge data. That’s why we designed 6 Working package for each research and focus on how human can process these information in secure.
Althogh it’s not available to visit India physically but now we have online system. We hope we can gather again soon.






Hart Montgomery

(Fujitsu Laboratories of America)





Wai Kyi Kyi Oo (Kyushu University)

R. Madhukar Yerraguntla (IITD Delhi)

Takatsugu Ono (Kyushu University)

Nivedita Shrivastava (IITD Delhi)

Haibo Zhang (Kyushu University)

Sandeep Kumar (IITD Delhi)



Anna Maria Mandalari

(Imperial College London, UK)





Kosuke Kaneko (Kyushu University)

Sanjiva Prasad (IITD Delhi)

Yoshihiro Okada (Kyushu University)

Geeta Yadav (IITD Delhi)

Alaa Allakany (Kyushu University)




Sanijva Prasad (Workshop Chair.)


First of all, I would like to say my deep gratitude to all the speakers, presenters and participants after the workshop.
The content of each presentation was very developmental and constructive, and it was also particularly productive.
The approach into Society 5.0 can be a great strength for us.
It is necessary to continue our research collaboration with Japan and India.