The IoT space is also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution because it can dramatically change people’s lives by collecting various information and feeding back the results of advanced analysis of that information.
The conversion is expected all over the world. The key to the practical application of the IoT space is ensuring security.
The purpose of this research is to comprehensively conduct research and development to secure the IoT space and “realize a secure IoT cyberspace” .
In this research, we will realize the security of the IoT space consisting of complex IoT devices, networks, servers and various information by fusing the research areas of Indian Institute of Technology / Delhi and Kyushu University.
One of the features of this research is that it includes training and education for people who provide IoT space services and people who use the services to use the IoT space safely.
This research will enable the practical application of the IoT space itself and the improvement of human literacy for the safe use of the IoT space, and is expected to accelerate the arrival of the true IoT era.
In particular, since ICT is expected to support many social infrastructures in India, it is highly expected that the results of this research will be returned to Indian society.

In this research, six research subjects for making the IoT space safe were decided, and the WP (Working Package) in charge of each subject was composed by the Japanese side and the Indian side.

  • WP1 | Foundations for Building Secure Embedded Systems/Binary Code Analysis
  • WP2 | Security performance/Power trade-off in IoT processor
  • WP3 | Cloud Security for IoT
  • WP4 | Develop an application layer trusted framework
  • WP5 | IoT security and education
  • WP6 | Specialist education
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Whole SICORP system diagrams and process chart

In this research, as shown in Fig. 1, we have created a cross-problem group (device system, education, data), established a research system in which WPs cooperate with each other, and are proceeding with research.

Diagram 2 shows the research plan of each WP.


図.1 研究全体の体系


図.2 WP間の研究計画