Kyushu university・IITD Secure Society in Future Online Workshop 2021 was held.

Kyushu university and IITD in India have held “Secure Society in Future Online Workshop” on July 26th, 2021.
Great keynote speakers have been invited, Prof.Salil from UNSW, Australia and Prof.Wang from Durham University, UK.
We had a great active discussion with 9 presenters and 40 participants.



Here is a detail of Workshop.


Program detail


We will show you some of pictures of workshop by Webex at that day.


Sanjiva Prasad (Workshop Chair.)


Salil Kanhere



Keynote Ⅱ:

Jingyun Wang

(Durham Univ. UK)



Zikun Han (Kyushu University)

R. Madhukar (IITD Delhi)

Haibo Zhang (Kyushu University)

Sandeep Kumar (IITD Delhi)

T.Masumoto (Kyushu University)

Alaa Allakany (Kyushu University)

Samuel Wedaj (IITD Delhi)

Wei SHI (Kyushu University)

Takatsugu Ono (Kyushu University)



Koji Okamura (Workshop Chair.)

Thank you so much today for all speakers and especially for keynote speakers.
This workshop was really special time to share each WP activities with all.
Hopefully we can visit IITD in India soon.