【Cooperation】79th Computer Security Research Presentation

The “79th Computer Security Research Presentation” will be held from December 4th (Monday) to 5th (Tuesday), 2017.

Various research results on computer security will be announced on the day.

For details, please refer to the following and the linked website.


[79th Computer Security Research Presentation (IPSJ HP)]https://www.ipsj.or.jp/kenkyukai/event/csec79.html


Day & Time December 4, 2017 (Monday) 13:00~17:10
December 5, 2017(Tuesday) 10:30~14:10
Place Research institute for information technology  2F
Organizer CSEC
Cooperation Sybersecurity Center of Kyushu University
Entry fee CSEC member & Junior member:free
Information Processing Society of Japan Honorary Member / Regular Member / Supporting Member:¥1,500
Information Processing Society of Japan Student Member:¥500
Non-member students:¥1,000

※ No prior application required
Please pay the above participation fee in cash at the reception on the day


December 4th (Monday)

○Session 1:Security management and operation(13:00-14:40)
Chair:Makoto Iguchi(Kii Co., Ltd.)
13:00-13:25 1) Improvement of consensus building method for cyber security measures including management and trial application to companies
Shota FukushimaRyoichi Sasaki(Tokyo Denki University)
13:25-13:50 2) A Study on Secure Elements and TEE as Security Measures for Financial Services Using Mobile Devices
Masashi Une,Katsuhisa Hirokawa(Bank of Japan)
13:50-14:15 3) Control of disclosure destination of patient information in home medical care cooperation system considering the features of HPKI certification
Yoichiro Inayoshi(Nagoya Institute of Technology),Yoshiaki Shiraishi(Kobe University),Atsushi TakeoShohei KatoTakaaki YaguchiAkira Iwata(Nagoya Institute of Technology)
14:15-14:40 4)Authentication system that automatically generates feature points-Addition of dummy feature points
Hiroshi Dozono(Saga University),Tatsuya Nakagami(Kyocera Document Solutions), Masanori Nakakuni(Fukuoka unibersity)
○Session 2:Blockchain(15:00-15:50)
Chair:Yuji Suga(Internet Initiative Japan Inc.)
15:00-15:25 5) Investigation of methods to control the difficulty of calculation difficulty problems in blockchain
Hiroaki Anada(University of Nagasaki),Koichi Sakurai(Kyushu University)
15:25-15:50 6) Proposal of blockchain system for effective use of computational resources
Kazuya NakayamaKosuke KanekoShota ShiroshimaHiroki NishidaYusuke TsutsumiKoichi Sakurai(Kyushu University)
○Special lecture(16:10 – 17:10)
Chair:Masaya Yasuda(Kyushu University)
16:10-17:10 7) An Efficient Toolkit for Computing Private Set Operations
Prof. Carlos Cid(Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom)
○Social gathering(18:00-20:00)
Venue:Chinese restaurant “Tenten” on the Ito campus

December 5(Tuesday)

○Session 3 :Detection / analysis (10:30-11:45)
Chair:Toshihiro Yamauchi(Okayama University)
10:30-10:55 8) Improved malware PDF detection method using One-Class SVM
Mai IwamotoShunsuke Kojima(Kumamoto National College of Technology),Takuo Nakajima(Tokai University)
10:55-11:20 9) Malware detection method by similarity of functions in PE using CNN
Takeyo TamuraMasaki Hashimoto(Institute of information security)
11:20-11:45 10) Memory safety improvement method that does not require recompilation by inserting Intel MPX instructions based on dynamic analysis
Hideaki Kurebayashi(Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School),Koichi Mouri(Ritsumeikan University),Shoichi Saito(Nagoya Institute of Technology Graduate School)
○Session 4 :network (13:00-13:50)
Chair:So Shimada(Nagoya University)
13:00-13:25 11) A New Security Middleware Architecture Based on Fog Computing and Cloud To Support IoT Constrained Devices
Wissam Razouk (Kyushu University), Daniele Sgandurra(Royal Holloway, University of London, United Kingdom), Sakurai Kouichi (Kyushu University)
13:25-13:50 12) Network-wide tint tracking method using TCP to prevent information leakage
Takashi MatsumotoShuhei AkedaEiji Takimoto(Ritsumeikan University),Shoichi Saito(Nagoya Institute of Technology),Koichi Mouri(Ritsumeikan University)
○Closing session (13:50-14:10)