The 4th International Workshop on Cybersecurity

The 4th Cybersecurity international workshop was held in India(IITD) on March 20, 2017.

We could have the opportunity to discuss an issue about our project and receive respective feedback on it. We were able to have a very meaningful time.


8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-9:05 Welcome Address-prof.Ranjan Bose (IITD)
9:05-9:45 Keynote Address-Network Security-Mr.Srikanta Parasad(Cisco Systems)
9:45-10:25 Secure Programming Structures by Sanjiva Prasad(IITD)
10:25-11:05 Application Layer Trusted Framework Kosuke Kaneko (Kyusyu University)
11:05-11:20 Tea time
11:20-12:00 Secure Processors for IoT by Smruti,  Ranjan, Sarangi (IITD)
12:00-12:40 Security for the IoT Age by Danilo Vasconcellos Vargas (Kyusyu University)
12:40-13:20 Hardware Security for IoT by Chintan Patel (UMBC)
13:20-14:20 -Lunch-
14:20-15:00 Cognitive Approach to IoT Security by Anupam Joshi (UMBC)
15:00-15:40 Security Aware System Design by Koji Inoue (Kyusyu University)
15:40-15:55 -Tea time-
15:55-16:35 IoT Security Education by Yoshihiro Okada (Kyusyu University)
16:35-17:15 Application Layer Security by Subodh Sharma (IITD)
17:15-18:00 Lightning Talks (Chair – Kolin Paul)Lightning Talks
(WP1:Foundations ffor Building Secure Embeded – by Kenji Hisazumi)
Lightning Talks
(WP2:Security aware low power IoT Professor – by Takatsugu Ono)
Lightning Talks
(WP4:IoT security and education – Chenguang Ma)
Lightning Talks
(WP6:Cloud security for IoT – Yaokai Feng)
18:00-18:15 Closing Remarks -by Koji Okamura(Kyusyu University)

Venue and Reference

Venue: School of Information Technology(seminar Hall-001), IIT Delhi


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