Prof.Sanjiva Prasad has visited Kyushu Univ. from IITD in India to have lectures about Formal Foundations of Routing in Networks

The prof.Sanjiva Prasad has visited Kyushu university on July 1st, 2018 from IITD for 10 days, and had some valuable lectures of Formal Foundations of Routing in Networks to the students here. Also we had meetings on each WP. It was so productive time each other.

Prof.Sanjiva Prasad

Title: Formal Foundations of Routing in Networks (3 lectures)
July 4th at West 2 building room no.725, Kyushu Univ.
July 9th-10th at West 2 building, room no.826,Kyushu Univ.
Speaker: Prof. Sanjiva Prasad, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

Title :Formal Foundations of Routing in Networks 2018 Lecture4-9 July 2018

Title :Formal Foundations of Routing in Networks Kyushu University Lectures 4-10 July 2018

Algebraic structures such as semirings have long provided the mathematical basis for framing path-related questions such as connectivity and least-cost paths in communication networks. The presentation will be self-contained in giving a gentle introduction to the necessary algebraic concepts, and the generalisation of simple algorithms.

A long series of work starting from Berge and Carre’ up to recent work by Hoefner & Moeller show that algorithmic solutions to these problems, such as those given by Dijkstra and by Roy/Floyd/Warshall, can be algebraically derived within a framework of cost semirings.

Packet-switching networks additionally require being able to define filters and describe complex sets of paths. The theory of Kleene Algebras with Tests, specialised for networks yields a domain-specific algebraic language (NetKAT of Foster, Kozen, Silva et al.) in which reachability properties of packet switching networks can be expressed and proved (using co-algebraic techniques).

Short movie for lecture by Prof.Prasad