<About Project>

This is a joint research project of the University of Maryland, Northeastern University, Keio University, and Kyushu University.

In Japan and the United States, both countries are facing aging society, where various problems related to the elderly, such as isolation, have become urgent issues to be worked on. ICT is expected to provide solutions to these problems, however, its application to society has not been smooth because of ICT gap which keeps the elderly away from new technologies or deterring them from learning.

This is a project for researchers of both countries to work together to sort out the elderly’s problems and formulate concrete research plans to provide ICT solutions to aging society. The research members will collaborate internationally from socio-science and engineering fields.

<Purpose and Impact>
This research is conducted on the people of age around 65, who are in relatively young old generation. The goal is to help them overcome a variety of physical and mental problems on their own that often grow rapidly after retirement, by keeping them connected to community. It will promote people’s post-retirement social engagements in the era of “Society 5.0”, where cyberspace and physical space are highly integrated.
Furthermore, it will produce outcomes that can be applied to other developed countries by analyzing the differences between common issues internationally.

This program is funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency and National Science Foundation.