“Certificate of Appreciation” was presented by Kyushu University to Yahoo Japan Corporation

In commemoration of the opening of Kyushu University, a letter of thanks was presented to everyone who received a great deal of support and cooperation in research and education at Kyushu University during the ceremony.


Kyushu University Opening Ceremony

Shiiki Auditorium Concert Hall
10:00 Opening

A letter of thanks was presented to CISO Umemura of Yahoo! Co., Ltd., which is closely related to the Cyber Security Center, with many individuals and organizations.


History of Yahoo! cooperation

The Kyushu University Cybersecurity Center was launched in 2016. The purpose is to solve the issue of cyber security, which is an urgent issue in Japan and internationally.  At the same time, cyber security education for students from all over the world was launched.  In parallel with that flow, collaboration with Yahoo! CISO staff members was proposed to give lectures by Yahoo! employees to improve the university’s cybersecurity education.

Yahoo and the Cyber Security Center have been in discussions about the method and content of the lecture, and the direction of implementing more practical cyber security education to first year undergraduate students has been confirmed since fiscal 2016 by incorporating corporate perspectives.  As a result, every week for the second semester (summer semester, winter semester), Tokyo will dispatch an employee who has the latest technology and knowledge of cyber security to take charge of lectures.

Since then, lectures for two semesters have been held each year to help improve the university’s cybersecurity education.  The total number of trainees has reached 896 by 2018, and is now a popular course at Kyushu University.

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