【Information】 “SECKUN” cybersecurity education and training program student recruitment

The Kyushu University Cyber ​​Security Center has entrusted the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to formulate an education and training program “SECKUN” that fosters human resources who will contribute to business continuity in the event of a crisis triggered by a cyber attack.



This program is a 120-hour course. Based on the requests we received from the security questionnaire for companies in Kyushu, including Yamaguchi Prefecture, we have formulated the following four courses that are online.


  • Course for CISO and security officers

  • Advanced Technician Course

  • Manager Technician Course

  • Cybersecurity Technology Management Strategy Course


In addition to flexibly responding to the human resource development needs of companies, in addition to cutting-edge technical exercises, it includes public relations, security psychology, and desk exercises that foster a tough mind that can demonstrate its abilities without regret in a crisis. It is a feature.

This year, you can take the course completely free of charge for trial purposes.


For details, please see the online information session and application guidelines for “SECKUN“.


Online information session and application guidelines (application page)




The application period is until July 20, 2020 (Monday).


We sincerely look forward to your participation.