Masato Miwa

Senior Research Manager, Kyushu University, Japan

As a Senior Research Manger, I provide various pre-award supports as listed below. 
Ÿ Provide customized funding information
Ÿ Support for development of research strategy and plan
Ÿ Propose new area of research opportunities
Ÿ Coordinate research team building
Ÿ Assist comprehensive research proposal development
Ÿ Review research proposal
Ÿ Support for other researcher’s needs

Through the academic service, we contribute to vitalize university research, improve research environment and promote for better society.

List of Recent Supported Projects (Funding, Project name):
l  Center of Innovation (COI) project

Development of “Center for Co-Evolutional Social Systems”

l  Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP)

Development of “Security in the Internet of Things Space”

l  CREST (Create Revolutionary Technological Seeds for Science and Technology Innovation)

Development of “Innovative Computer-Aided Cancer Diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence using 3D Shapes and Appearance of Cells”

l  Grant-in-Aid for Specially Promoted Research (KAKENHI)

Development of “Plasma Total Observation System (PLATOS) for puzzling out the principles of structural formation and functional expression of turbulent plasmas”