Satoru Teduka

Professor, Keio University, Japan

He graduated from the department of Technology, Keio University in 1984, and joined Hitachi Ltd. He has been a Professor of the School of Computer Science, Tokyo University of Technology since 2009. Since April 2016, he has been a Project Professor of Graduate School of Media and Governance at Keio University. He is a Professor of Faculty of Environment and Information Studies since September 2019.

He received the 2004 IPSJ Best Paper Award, the 2008 IPSJ Best Paper Award, the IEEE-IIHMSP2006 Best Paper Award, and the 2013 Information Security Cultural Award.

In government related organizations, he is a SIP Sub Program Director of Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, a Committee Member of Critical Infrastructure Advisory in Cybersecurity Strategy Headquarters Information Security Policy Meeting, and a CRYPTREC Member. He has been a Commissioner of Personal Information Protection Commission, an Task Force Member of IT Strategy Headquarters Electronic Administration, a Working Group Member of Related Information Infrastructure Technology, a Member of Basic Resident Register Network Research Committee, and a Chairperson of the Electronic Signature Law Working Group.

He is the President of Japan Trust Service Forum, a Chairman of Japan Trust Technology Association, the Chairman of Japan Trust Technology Association, a Vice-Chairperson of Japan Information Security Audit Association, a Chairman of Security Studies & research in 5GMF, an executive director of the Japan Society of Security Management and a director of the Institute of Digital Forensics. He has been the President of the Information Network Law Association, His books include “Q&A Security Countermeasures for My Number (Seibunsha)”, “Electronic Signature and Authentication using My Number (Nikkei BP)”, “Enterprise Codes make Japan Strong: Another Type of Individual Number”, “the Corporate Number (Nikkei BP)” and “Basic Information Security (Kyoritsu Shuppan)”.