Deniz Erdogmus

Professor, Northeastern University, USA

Deniz Erdogmus received BS (1997) in EE and Mathematics, and MS (1999) in EE from the METU in Turkey; PhD (2002) in ECE from the University of Florida; where he conducted postdoctoral research until 2004. He was with CSEE and BME Departments at OHSU until 2008; since then he has been with the ECE Department at Northeastern University. His research focuses on statistical signal processing and machine learning with applications to data analysis, human-cyber-physical systems, brain/body interfaces, sensor fusion and intent inference for autonomy. He received the 2003 Young Author Best Paper Award from IEEE-SPS, 2012 NSF CAREER Award, 2014 Northeastern COE Research Award, and 2019 Northeastern Mentoring Award. He has served as an Associate Editor for various journals on signal and image processing, machine learning, biomedical engineering, and brain interfaces. He has been a member of IEEE Technical Committees for MLSP (2003-2009; 2017-2022) and BISP (associate 2009-2011, 2011-2016).