Main Work Department of Informatics Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering
Keyword Post-Quantum Cryptography / privacy protection data analysis / Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) / countermeasure method against network and computer attacks / security psychology / cyberinsurance

Main Research Topics

Guarantee of Reliability and Security in Cybersociety

1. Countermeasure method against “Botnet”

“Botnet” is a malicious network to abuse a number of PC infected with remote-controlled malware and to interfere with outside company’s or organization’s affairs by intensive access, spam mail and more.
In our laboratory, we conduct a research toward the way of detecting those cyberattacks in order to prevent from those interference.
Especially in terms of a technology of detecting a sign of cyberattacks, we receive entrustment from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and engage in research in this technology as the PRACTICE (Proactive Response Against Cyber-attacks Through International Collaborative Exchange) Project.

2. Research in Post-Quantum Cryptography

Public Key Cryptosystem (PKC) is utilized for current internet technology, but it is known that this cryptosystem can be broken by quantum computers, and so it will be expected that it will be unsafe in the future.
Therefore, we research to put Post-Quantum Cryptography into practical use which is safe against processing capability of quantum computers.

3. Research in the encryption technology with GPGPU

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is developed to process image data, is also applied to general calculation because of its high calculation capability.
In cryptography, we research in evaluating the security of the code from its decoding time by accelerating not only calculation capability for decoding but also decoding technology with GPU.

4. Digital Forensics

In digital society, the evidence can be a target for criminal investigation which is left on a PC, a server and a network.
The technology is called Digital Forensics by which user can collect these evidence, discriminate their authenticity, preserve them to prevent falsification and submit them to court with legitimacy. We engage in research in this field.