Main Work Innovation Center for Educational Resource
Keyword 3D multimedia / Information Visualization / ICT electronic learning materials / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality / Serious Games

Main Research Topics

1. Research in Information Visualization

Information visualization is one of the measures to analyze Big Data. We develop the information visualization tool used 3DCG. At present, the target data are network traffic data and student’s learning logs. In terms of visualization of network traffic data, we aim to develop the visualization tool which can detect cyberattacks such as hacking by visualizing and analyzing packet data in darknet. In terms of visualization of student’s learning logs, we aim to develop development methods of practical learning materials and teaching methods by visualizing and analyzing student’s learning patterns.

2. Research in ICT electronic learning materials

We think we can develop the learning materials which are interesting and practical for students by active utilization of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). So we conduct a research by experimental studies such as supporting development of learning materials and developing them actually. We also aim to utilize technologies of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and we develop learning materials which have gaming properties (learning serious games).

3. Editing and generating 3D multimedia contents and Developing infrastructure technology for searching and distribution

It is necessary for development of electronic learning materials to utilize current multimedia technologies such as 3DCG technology.
We also engage in research in infrastructure technology by which we can generate and edit media data easily and efficiently such as text, still images, moving images, charts and animations (monomedia) or by which we can search for existing media data with high accuracy and at high speed and can reuse them.