The 6th International Cybersecurity Workshop : Secure IoT Space Workshop

Sponsor: Kyushu University, JST, IEEE(Fukuoka council) , Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, DST

Prof. Koji Okamura opened this workshop on Jan.22, 2018 at JR City Hakata Conference room 10F. This workshop was a great chance to everybody in our project to present current active research in its WP Internationally . The first session focused on “secure application of IoT space”, in this session Prof. Kosuke Kaneko and Prof. Kenji Hisazumi from Kyushu university presented their current research. The next session focused on “Architecture for Secure IoT”, in this session Prof. Takatsugu Ono from Kyushu University and Mrs. Ismi Abidi, PhD student from IITD introduced their active research in this area.A talks from UMBC, USA partners (prof. Nilanjan Banerjee and Prof. Ryan Robucci) were in the last morning session, they talk about “Side Channels for Cross-Layer Security” and “ Cross-level Detection of Sensor-based Deception Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems”. The Keynote talk of this workshop presented by Prof. Akihiro Nakao from University of Tokyo, he presented about “Security in 5G”. Education of human for utilizing of IoT space was the main topic of the session. In this session a three talks of IoT Education have been presented by Prof. Koji Okamura, Prof. Yoshihiro Okada from Kyushu University and Prof. Ranjan Bose. Finally, the last session focused on “Data Security on IoT space”, Prof. Sanjiva Prasad from IITD and prof. Koichi Sakurai from Kyushu University gave a talk of current research in this area.

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8:30 Reception
8:50 Opening Koji OKAMURA
9:00-10:00 Secure Application of IoT , Chair: Sanjiva Prasad
Blockchain-based Frameworks and Applications for Secure IoT Space, Kosuke Kaneko (Kyushu University)
Security and Privacy Policy DSL for Smart Building Applications, Kenji Hisazumi (Kyushu University)
10:15-11:15 Architecture for Secure IoT, Chair : Koji Inoue

Secure Computing Platform for IoT Devices, Takatsugu Ono (Kyushu University)
Framework for evaluating the cost of security in IoT Processors, Ismi Abidi (Indian Institute Technology Delhi)

11:15-11:30 Tea time break
11:30-12:30 Talks from UMBC Chair: Koichi Sakurai
Cross-level Detection of Sensor-based Deception Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems, Nilanjan Banerjee (UMBC,USA)
Side Channels for Cross-Layer Security, Ryan Robucci (UMBC,USA)
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:30 Keynote, Chair Koji OKAMURA
Security in 5G, Akihiro Nakao (University of Tokyo)
14:45-16:15 Education for Security Chair: Kosuke Kaneko

Integrated Framework for IoT Security Education, Yoshihiro OKADA (Kyushu University)
Serious games for IoT Security, Ranjan Bose (Indian Institute Technology Delhi)
Systematics buildings of e-Learning contents for IoT system, Koji OKAMURA (Kyushu University)

16:30-17:30 Data Security Chair: Kolin Paul

Compositional Security in IoT, Sanjiva Prasad (Indian Institute Technology Delhi)
IOT malware classification, Koichi Sakurai, VASCONCELLOS VARGAS DANILO,
   Su Jiawei(Kyushu University)(Kyushu University)

17:45 Closing Ranjan Bose

Dinner party at ANA CROWNE PLAZA FUKUOKA after session, Start PM6:30

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