【enPiT2】Conduct PBL exercises

This year was held in August, but there were also participants from other universities (Kyushu Sangyo University, Oita University, Okayama University), and exercises focused on group work.


PBL exercise

8 / 1-8 / 3 PBL Exercise – P (Professor Koide)

We learned cross site scripting attacks by creating vulnerabilities of web applications and environments that can be exercised on the network.


8/7 – 8/9 PBL exercise – H (Professor Kaneko)

I learned planning and design considering security in the sensor device, data analysis server, robot system.


8/16 – 8/18 PBL exercise – L (Professor Okamura)

We have learned cyber security, including experiencing a simulation of attacks with a training device (Cyber Range).


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