【enPiT2】2019 Basic SecCap Student Recruitment

Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Information Engineering “System Development Project” + enPiT-Security

“Formation of Information Human Resources Development Center Supporting Growth Areas (enPiT)” is an educational program that aims to develop advanced IT personnel.In the field of security (enPiTSecurity), we have launched the BasicSecCap course, which is run by 14 universities.Kyushu University also accepts students as one of its collaborating schools and strives to produce practical security personnel.


Provide characteristic lectures and exercises mutually in a network by partner schools


List of linked schools (14 schools)

Tohoku University (core base school) 、Hokkaido University、 Shizuoka University 、Hokuriku Advanced Science and Technology Graduate University

Kyoto University、 Osaka University (focused on)、 Nara Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University、 Wakayama University

Okayama University (focused schools) 、Kyushu University、Nagasaki Prefectural University、 Keio University (focused schools)

Tokyo Denki University (focused schools)、 Information Security Graduate University


Lecture on “General Security” lectures offered by Osaka University

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At Kyushu University, security subjects on specialized subjects are taken remotely using a video conferencing system

※You can choose from the Tohoku University, Keio University, Tokyo Denki University, Osaka University, and Okayama University.

List of participating schools (23 schools)

Yamagata University、 Miyagi University Kitakyushu City University、 Tohoku Gakuin University、 Tohoku Welfare University、 Tohoku Institute of Technology、 Ishinomaki Senshu University

Okayama University of Science、 Kyushu Sangyo University、 Kinki University、 Hokkaido Information University、 Fukui University、 Okayama Prefectural University、 Oita University

Takasaki Health and Welfare University 、Akita University

Sendai College of Technology、 Tomakomai Industrial College of Technology、 Ichinoseki College of Technology、 College Ishikawa Industrial College of Technology

Kochi National College of Technology、 Sasebo National College of Technology、 Kisarazu National College of Technology

九州大学 PBL演習の講義風景

Lecture scene of Kyushu University PBL exercise

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Last year, I participated in the exercise as a special auditor student from Oita University and Kyushu Sangyo University
※Exercise courses provided by 14 partner schools


When Kyushu University students take this course


Basic subjects・・・It is a regular course of Kyushu University.Credits will be awarded as credits.

Specialized subject・・・Listening as a special listening student.This unit is given as the “Basic SecCap Course” unit of enPiT.

Exercise subjects・・・Credits will be awarded as a regular subject in Electrical and Information Engineering.

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You will receive a “Certificate of Completion” by earning credits for the above subjects (total of 7 credits).

Number of people certified in 2018

Basic SecCap 7    326名  Basic SecCap 8    113名  Basic SecCap 10    22名

Courses aimed at higher levels are also available


For students who want to improve their level further than the above “Basic SecCap 7”, prepare “Advanced Exercise”

Course application, inquiry

In addition to the Faculty of Engineering (Department of Electrical and Information Engineering), this program is also available to students from other departments.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

This enPit program can not be registered on the university’s campus system (campusmate).

It is necessary to apply through the secretariat.

Kyushu University Information Infrastructure Research and Development Center509

☎ 092-802-2671

mail cs-staff#cs.kyushu-u.ac.jp  (#を@に変換)