【enPiT2】Workshop information


Details of the implementation is here



If you are interested in enPiT-Security, please join us.


Times of Day Contents Distribution base
13:00 Opening remarks & Security field activity report (summary, explanation of progress)
  Keio University C3S02 Class
13:10 Presentation 1 Hokkaido University
13:25 Presentation 2 Tohoku University
13:40 Presentation 3 Grand Front Osaka Knowledge Capital
13:55 Presentation 4 Osaka University
14:10 Presentation 5 Kyushu University
14:25 Presentation 6 Keio University C3S02 Class
14:40 Presentation 7 Keio University C3S02 Class
14:55 (Reserve, rest, etc.)
15:00 Question-and-answer session Each site
15:20 Closing remarks Keio University C3S02 Class
15:30 Exchange of opinions Keio University C3S02 Class

※As shown in the table, this time, Keio University’s Hiyoshi Campus will be used as a main venue to remotely connect each location, and students will be presented from each location.